Our story

As a group with a history spanning over 100 years, Medine launched the ‘Medine Education Village’ in 2012, initially as part of its diversification strategy. The intention was to host a select cast of world-class and internationally recognised institutions across different fields of study, with a view of creating the first privately-funded multi-disciplinary and multi-institution campaign of its kind.The rationale behind this noble endeavour was to provide high-level tertiary education to Mauritian students and welcome students from the African region and beyond, significantly demonstrating that Mauritius had a lot more to offer than its landscapes and crystal-clear beaches.As Medine firmed up its smart city project, Medine Education Village was rebranded to Uniciti Education Hub, becoming an integral part in the inclusive lifestyle offer for the burgeoning new city on the west coast.

Our values

We firmly believe the success of Uniciti Education Hub is fundamentally tied to the well-being of the families and inhabitants of the region. Hence, we are committed towards providing an environment tailored to suit the needs of the people living, working and studying in our city, through harmonious and sustainable engagements.

Today, our higher education offer spearheads and represents the flagship programme of the Uniciti Education Hub. With over 2000 students are enrolled in prominent international higher education institutions in 2022, UEH is a unique concept encompassing education, research and innovation through tangible partnerships with top-notch international institutions. Our aim since its inception in 2012 is to train high profile students into future leaders, which is why we brought to you the best institutions: