A vision for education

Education is a lifelong investment which is why we provide you with a selective list of programs that will help you reach your career objectives.

Our concept

Based on the Live-Work-Enjoy-Learn philosophy, Uniciti is poised to be an integrated and connected city that will promote sustainable development through a knowledge economy. The Medine Group is indeed committed towards providing a Smart City whose main driver would be Education and more particularly Higher Education, with the setting up of the “Uniciti Education Hub” an international and integrated campus geared towards mainly Africa. Today, our Higher Education offer spearheads and represents the flagship programme of the Uniciti Education Hub. With over 1700 students are enrolled in prominent international higher education institutions in 2017, the Uniciti Education hub is a unique concept encompassing education, research and innovation through tangible partnerships with top-notch international institutions. Our aim since its inception in 2012 is to train high profile students into future leaders, which is why we brought to you the best institutions:

International Campus for Sustainable and Innovative Africa (ICSIA) 

In line with our ambition to position Mauritius as a Knowledge hub, we launched in February 2015 the ICSIA project, designed to accommodate elite institutions and welcome high networth students recruited locally and internationally. 

The ICSIA project is committed, through the institutions it holds, to attract the most distinguished institutions in their respective field of study.


ICSIA Values

It is geared towards seeding values that make the project a distinctive one.

  • Pluridisciplinary
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Bilinguilism
  • Excellence

Institutions in operation 


Institutions in the pipeline