Mauritius at a glance

Mauritius offers much more to see and feel than its famed beaches and resorts and its lukewarm waters. It resonates with innovation, good infrastructure and world-class education among the rest.

Today, Mauritius stands as one of the leading states in the African region in terms of the ease of doing business, good governance, innovation, economic freedom and environment performance. The various accolades won by the country bear testimony to the bold fundamental reforms undertaken to continuously improve the business environment and further open the economy to foreign capital, talents, expertise and ideas to position Mauritius as an international business platform. The country takes pride in modern infrastructure consisting of fibre-optic cable connectivity, reliable land and mobile telephone networks, an expanding logistics sector, a well-maintained road network, an efficient port with deep water quays and a modern international airport.

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Did you know?

  • There are 1,600 educational institutions in Mauritius
  • 41,000 Mauritian students are enrolled in tertiary education locally
  • 9,000 Mauritians study abroad
  • Foreign students come from 67 countries to follow different courses in Mauritius

Gateway to Africa and beyond

Its perfect location in the Indian Ocean makes the island accessible by air through several direct flights. Doing business in Mauritius is greatly facilitated by the government and allows for attractive benefits:

  • Income tax not exceeding 15%
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No property or land tax
  • Double taxation agreement with 37 countries

Facts and figures