A business perspective – ESG & Climate Change

Develop and consolidate understanding of ESG principles and climate change for business professionals.

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ESG considerations are crucial to ensure a sustainable future for your business.

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To help business professionals develop and consolidate their understanding of ESG principles and climate change, Uniciti Education Hub ('UEH'), in collaboration with Spaanda London, is launching a 2-days workshop on the 22nd and 23rd February 2023.

This exclusive session will provide an in-depth overview of ESG, Sustainability Reporting Frameworks, Green Financing, and Climate Change impact on businesses, amongst others. Participants will work in group on creating an ESG plan for their business. 

Workshop details:

22–23 February 2023

9am – 4pm

Uniciti Education Hub, Pierrefonds Campus

Cost per participant: 
Rs 55,000

The agenda of the workshop

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

Day 1 : 22 February 2023

  • Session 1

  • Session 2

  • Session 3

  • Session 4

Overview of ESG and the current international landscape

  • Introduction into the three key pillars of ESG; Environmental, Social and Governance and the scopes they cover within businesses.
  • Overview of the key ESG issues impacting businesses, which includes the risks and opportunities inherent to your organisation’s day-to-day activities.
  • The main forces driving ESG principles in the international landscape.
  • Importance of stakeholders, investors, regulations and reporting to increase ESG transparency.
  • Recent developments in standards and regulations that are changing the landscape of ESG disclosure.

About the trainer

Manjula Basant Rai

Founder & CEO of Spaanda London

Mrs Manjula Basant Rai is the Founder & CEO of Spaanda.

Spaanda helps businesses in shaping their sustainability agenda and in identifying, quantifying and mitigating their climate risks. It also helps companies to improve their ESG profile by managing ESG-related risks and opportunities across their value chain.

Manjula was recently recognised in the ‘Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the UK’ by the CEO Publication. She has over 20 years of experience in finance and sustainability and has been working with various businesses and organisations in the UK.

She has also spoken at various other forums, including the UN and the Judge Business School (University of Cambridge)

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A business perspective – ESG & Climate Change

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