Boost your chances of landing a perfect job in Engineering with our 4-year programme. You can take advantage of our international network to take your experience to the next level.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering

Our Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering programme offers extended knowledge of mathematics and physics, in-depth knowledge of the selected engineering specialization and the basics of project management and business.

In Year 4, our students chose to specialize in Civil engineering, Ocean engineering or Industrial engineering.

The Ecole Centrale de Nantes’s Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Engineering (BSc. Eng.) has a total duration of eight semesters (four academic years). Specializations are offered in civil engineering, industrial engineering and ocean engineering during the fourth year.

The programme is designed to attract the best and brightest students and prepare them to act as graduate professionals in the various fields of engineering. 

Courses in the Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) in Engineering involve a total of 10 months’ work experience as well as practical training in order to provide access to professional practice and to prepare students for professional careers.

Field of Study: Engineering
Next intake: October 2019
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Our BSc (Hons) in Engineering is open to the most qualified and brightest students. It will be offered to those who are interested in being full-time, degree-seeking students. 

Qualifying for Ecole Centrale de Nantes requires having certain prerequisites:

  • Solid scientific background
  • Higher School Certificate in hand
  • Grade A results in Maths & Physics as main subjects
  • Highly motivated

To register as Engineer at the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius (CRPE), you need to follow a Masters level either in Mauritius or in France.

The annual tuition fee for the Bachelor degree has been set at 7,000 euros. This amount accounts for tuition fees only.

Payment should be processed directly to Ecole Centrale de Nantes through a bank transfer. Details will be communicated soon.

Year 1 & 2: common-Core Courses

Year 3 Common-Core Courses in France, Year 4 Specializations