Keep ahead of the game in information systems and computer science in the evolving world. From the bachelor to the Master’s level, you will have all the requisites to crack the codes. 

BSc/BSc(HONS). in Computer Science Engineering

SUPINFO trains immediate operational top-level professionals, specialised in information technologies and communication (ICT). SUPINFO progression route enables you to start a Bachelor programme and graduate with a Masters five years later.

Field of Study: Information Technology
Next intake: November 2019
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To be admitted into Year 1, the candidate must have one of the following:

  • Successfully completed the Baccalaureate
  • Have a min of 2 ‘A-Levels’ (including Mathematics or Physics)
  • Have a min. of 5 ‘O-Levels’ + 1 year Foundation Certificate
  • A validation from the SUPINFO admission committee for an equivalent qualification or training path.


  •  To be admitted into B2, the candidate must: obtain the validation by the admission commission of SUPINFO that he has completed one year of a graduate degree (e.g. License 1 or a Bachelor 1) or an equivalent qualification or training path.
  •  To be admitted into B3, the candidate must: have a degree level Bac+2 (2 years of higher education) such as a DUT, BTS, or equivalent foreign qualification, or obtain the validation from the admission committee of SUPINFO that he has completed two years of a graduate degree (e.g. License 2 or Bachelor 2) or an equivalent degree or training path.

The tuition fees for a Bachelor in Information Technology stand at 6,100 euros/year. 

Year 1  - Associate of Science 1 (ASc 1)

1ADS Algorithms in Python
1ARC System Architecture Project
1ARI  Arithmetic and Cryptography
1CNA  CCNA Routing & Switching Part 1
1CPA  Computer Architecture
1DEV  Development Project
1ENG  English Language
1EXL  Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
1GCC C Language
1GIT Collaboration with git
1INT Full-Time Internship
1IPS Inter-personal Skills
1KWS Knowledge Sharing
ILAL Linear Algebra
1LAW IT Law - Internet Law & Intellectual Property
1LIF School's Life (option)
1LIN Linux Technologies - System Fundamentals
1MER Merise Modelling for Databases  
1MGT Enter the Digital World
1MSA Windows Server 2012 Introduction
1ORC SQL Fundamentals
 1OSS Operating Systems Fundamentals
1PTI Part-Time Internship (option)
1SEC Information System Security  
1SET Set Theory
1SPA Specialization A (option)
1SPB Specialization B (option)
1WEB HTML & JavaScipt - User Interface


Year 2  - Associate of Science 2 (ASc 2)

2ADS Advanced Algorithmics
2ARC System Architecture Project  
2CLD Cloud computing 101
2CMP Compilation - Languages and translators
2CNB CCNA Routing & Switching Part 2  
2CPP C++ Language
2DEV Development Project
2ENG English Language
2EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
2GRA Graphs Theory
2INT Full-Time Internship
2IPS Inter-personal Skills
2JVA Java Standard Edition
2JWB Web Strategy
2KWS Knowledge Sharing
2LAW IT Law - Network Administration and Fraud  
2LIF School's Life (option)
2LIN Linux Technologies - Edge Computing
2MGT Modelling for Business Analysis
2MSA Windows Server 2012 Administration
2NET Microsoft .NET Foundations and Enterprise Applications
 2OOP Object Oriented Programming
 2ORC PL/SQL Fundamentals
2PBS Probabilities and Statistics  
2PTI Part-Time Internship (option)
2SPA Specialization A (option)
2SPB Specialization B (option)

Web Programming with PHP  


Year 3  - Bachelor of Science 2 (BSc)

3AIT Artificial Intelligence - Functional Programming
3AND Android Application Development & Programming
3APL Swift and Cocoa Development
3ASP Building Web Applications with ASP.NET MVC
3CNS CCNA Security 1.2
3ENG English Language
3EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
3INT Full-Time Internship
3IPS Inter-personal Skills
3JVA Enterprise Application Development
3KWS Knowledge Sharing
3LAW Labour Law and IT
3LIF School's Life (option)
3MET ITIL Foundation
3MGT Project Management
3MSA Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Domain Services
3PJT Project
3PTI Part-Time Internship (option)
3SPA Specialization A (option)
3SPB Specialization B (option)
3WEB Advanced Web Programming with NodeJS
3WIN Microsoft Windows Universal Applications Development
MSc in Computer Science Engineering

The Master’s level requests the validation of 300 ECTS credits after having succeeded in exams scheduled in B1, B2, B3, M1 and M2 + Thesis and oral presentation. Courses will be delivered in English. If a student decides to exit after M1, this corresponds to the acquisition of 240 ECTS credits and the student will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science with Honours certificate.

Field of Study: Information Technology
Next intake: November 2019
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To be admitted into M1, the candidate must have a degree level Bac+3 (3 years of Tertiary education) such as a License, Bachelor or equivalent foreign qualification, or obtain a validation from the admission committee of SIU that he has completed three years of a graduate degree or an equivalent degree or foreign qualification.


It is extremely rare that a candidate be directly admitted into an M2 course and is in fact not recommended. 


The Tuition fee is Euro 6,100 per year.

Year 4  - Master of Science 2 (MSc 1)

4AIT Artificial Intelligence - Logic Programming
4AWS Amazon Web Services Clound Computing Architecture
4BCP Enterprise data backup
4BIS Business Intelligence Fundamentals
4DOC Docker
4ENG English Language
4EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
4INT Full-Time Internship
4IPS Inter-personal Skills
4JVA Java EE - Enterprise Programming
4KUB Kubernetes
4KWS Knowledge Sharing
4LAW IT Law - Personal Data Protection
4LIF School's Life (option)
4MET Agile Project Management with Scrum
4MGT Finance and Accounting
4OFF Microsoft Office 365
4OPR Microsoft On Premises
4PJT Project
4PTI Part-Time Internship (option)
4SEC Cybersecurity and PAM (Privilege Access Management)
4SPA Specialization A (option)
4SPB Specialization B (option)
 4SYS Virtualized user
4VTZ Deploying VMware vSphere


Year 5  - Master of Science 2 (MSc 2)

5BCP Disaster Recovery Planning - Ensuring Business Continuity
5BIS BI Solutions
5DAT Big Data Fundamentals
5EMI Emotional Intelligence - Achieving Leadership Success
5ENG English Language
5EPS Digital Entrepreneurship
5ERP ERP Solutions
5EXL Excellence Project & Contribution for SUPINFO (option)
5INT Full-Time Internship
5KWS Knowledge Sharing
5LAW IT Law - IT Contract Law
5LIF School's Life (option)
5MDD Master's Degree Dissertation
5MET COBIT (c) 5 Foundation Training
5MGT IT Management 5 - IT Performance  
5ORC Datawarehouse
5PTI Part Time Internship (option)
 5SPA Specialization A (option)
5SPB Specialization B (option)
5TGF Preparing for TOGAF Accreditation