Our Story

Leveraging its 100+ years of history and as part of its diversification strategy, Medine Group launched in 2012 its Medine Education Village, designed to host a selective cast of world-class and internationally recognised institutions across different fields of study.

The rationale behind setting up such a campus in Mauritius was clearly to provide high-level tertiary education to Mauritian students and welcoming students from the African region and beyond, significantly demonstrating that Mauritius has a lot more to offer than its landscapes and crystal-clear beaches.

Placing Education at the heart of Uniciti

We endeavor to set Education at the heart of Uniciti, our Smart City located on the West Coast of Mauritius. Stretching over 35 hectares the Uniciti Education Hub is the host to renowned international institutions and universities and is expected to welcome no less than 5,000 students by 2025.

As the point of convergence of the city in the making, Medine aims at creating sustainable value for the community in the region and for Mauritius at large.

Holding its tradition to pioneering property developments, Medine Group will indeed be the first Smart City of the island to host a university campus at the heart of its town in the making. Stretched over 347 hectares of land on the west coast of the island, Medine’s Smart City aims at being a fully integrated town geared towards offering the local population and Mauritians a new way of living, working, playing and learning. Our city will blend a palette of nodes for a unique offer in the west, while nurturing its heart translated by its campus.

The Smart City project encompasses dedicated areas for a smarter way of living:

  • Residential unit consisting of villas, townhouses, affordable housing, retirement village
  • University campus
  • Sports centre
  • Art station
  • Student Housing
  • Medical hub
  • Bus terminal
  • School hub
  • Cascavelle Shopping Mall
  • Medine Business Park

While the new city will be developed in a phased approach, some components are already existing or scheduled to debut construction works as early as January 2016.

Our values

We firmly believe the success of our Education hub is fundamentally tied to the well-being of the families and inhabitants of the region. Hence, we are committed towards providing an environment tailored to suit the needs of the people living, working and studying in our city, through harmonious and sustainable engagements.



approx 1.3 million people



Widely spoken languages:

French, Creole and Asian languages


2,040 km2

per capita:

USD 10,000

Real GDP
growth rate:

3.5% (2014)

literacy rate:

89.8% (2011)

Mobile phone penetration ratio:

121.7% (2014)